A child is born and grows up. A journey full of challenges and opportunities. We need to make sure they can all fulfill their potential. This potential is called their ‘talent’. Talent defines itself by what a person can do well, but thinks is a ‘normal’ thing to be able to do. Talent is connected to emotions, cognitive processes, abilities, and creativity.

We are the professionals who are trying to learn just what a child needs when growing up from age 0 to graduating from University, Polytechnic or Vocational Education or find a job on the basis of a practical skill. Leiden Education Network University, Polytechnic, Secondary General, Primary & Kindergarten are working together with Special Eduactional Needs Organisations and Museums.

We need to work together and share our knowledge and coaching skills. We need to make sure our educational system does not hinder children. Our educational system needs to provide a setting which does just to their autonomy. Children themselves know perfectly well what they need in order to grow. Just ask them. Then make it happen.