Leiden, Key to discovery

The City of Leiden, The Netherlands, has  a long established tradition of Gaining Knowledge: Leiden Kennisstad.

Leiden has a great University, a superb Polytechnic, multiple high quality secondary schools, primary schools with talented young learners.

What makes Leiden exceptional is that all these eduactional partners, schools and organisations and museums who support learning, have formed 1 innovative network. Many professionals, from Mayor Mr Lenferink, to Education Alderman, Mr Dirkse, to the Education Innovation Budget and Funding professionals who work for Leiden City Hall are managing so well that they are reaching the teachers who are working with the students in the field, as well as professionals who work with drop-out, gifted students, immigrant students, to make sure they can all reach their full potential.

Leiden is an amazing city, full of opportunity, if we can work together towards a common goal: equity for all.

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