Leiden400 and Mayflower400 POETRY Challenge for Leiden students and teachers!

Your challenge is to write a Mayflower400 poem or short story.

Theme: transition –> moving from one place to another,

Ask your teacher to send in your entry HERE (max 10 best entries per school). 

Wider context of theme: migration, belonging, environment, contact-zone.

Also see: Mayflower400 themes in a wider context: Belonging, Contact Zone, Environment, Migration.

10 poems written by Dutch students will be published in the 2020 UK-US-Nl Anthology Edition Mayflower400! This Anthology is a collection of Mayflower400 poems and short stories written by students from 3 countries: UK, US, and in 2020 for the first time: The Netherlands!

Curriculum resources. Also see: Key Stage 3: ages 11-14.